Central Committee meeting

Part of the meeting of the Central Committee on 8/24-2022 related to studying the requirements for consolidating the teaching staff and strengthening it with an additional cadre that engages in the responsibility and honesty of teaching in the college after the great renaissance it is witnessing within the framework of the scientific and academic aspect, and to confirm and complete the requirements of the current school year and in preparation for the new school year 2023/ 2022 and in the interest of positive performance indicators at Al-Farabi College

The following has been emphasized:

▪️ Preparing administrative direct procedures for the teaching staff on next Sunday 28-8-2022 and initiating academic paths and preparations

▪️ Intensifying and completing development procedures for the university environment, its laboratories, halls and medical clinics in light of the policy and plan of the university educational institution and the requirements for academic quality and reputation for the academic year 2023/2022.

▪️ Providing logistical and service supplies for the second round exams scheduled for the fourth of next September and providing full support to our students

▪️ During the meeting, a large group of new teachers who applied to join the Al-Farabi teaching family met within the framework of the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and in a way that enhances the scientific status of the college

College Dean