Architectural Engineering

The Department of Architectural Engineering at Al-Farabi University College was established in 2013 to provide a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering. It is divided into five study stages under the supervision of a group of best architectural faculty in Iraq. The Department of Architectural Engineering aims to graduate a batch of conscious and promising young architects who have the basic architectural foundation and creative capabilities to create Iraqi and Baghdadi architecture with the features of the age, value and originality of heritage and history of Iraq. In addition, we aim to graduate an architect generation who is capable of absorbing global developments in the field of architecture, construction and technology materials, and adapting them for a distinct local architecture. Ultimately, the department will contribute in building the foundations of an Iraqi architectural school that emphasizes the need to draw inspiration and benefit from the Iraqi architectural heritage in particular, and the Arab-Islamic in general, and to place it in contemporary frameworks of a unique and distinct character.

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