The Department of Law was established in the academic year 2013-2014, as it is considered one of the distinguished departments in spreading legal awareness in the community through conferences, seminars and lectures related to the laws in force or suggesting developmental legal ideas in order to serve the reconstruction of Iraq. The program includes the study of civil law, commercial law, administrative law, criminal law, personal status law and international law, in addition to the elective courses such as introduction to legal science courses, sources of commitment or commercial papers, provisions of corporate and bankruptcy commitment, administrative justice, public office and international organization, criminal trial procedures. In the practical part of the study of law, initiatives of some students to give lectures to high school students are encouraged. Some students are interested in giving lectures to explain some of the important laws for the society such as the environmental law, traffic law or any other law. The library of law department combines many important legal books, and publications that serve the students as well as researchers. In addition, the department issues a quarterly legal journal that includes legal research prepared by the department’s professors in various fields. The Department of Law aims to prepare qualified graduates for public administrative and legal positions in all state departments and the private sector. Graduates are also trained to analyze the legal text and elicit the meaning learned from it by following the rules of legal interpretation.

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