Computer Engineering

Since its establishment in the 2013-2014 academic year, the Department of Computer Engineering (DCE) has been working with up-to-date scientific developments in the field of computer and software engineering. This includes continuous development of curricula and upgrading of the teaching and technical staff performance through the continuous workshops and training inside and outside the country. Also, teaching staff in the DCE have been working with the Office of Scientific Services and Consultations to provide scientific and practical experience and to provide services to various state institutions and private sector. The curriculum of the program is disseminated in four academic years, providing students with academic knowledge and professional skills to become real computer engineers. Our constantly evolving plans provide solid educational curricula that enable our graduates to be leaders in their profession as they carry the basic rules, skills and tools necessary for creativity and excellence. The graduates of the department have proven their distinguished presence whether through job offers that they received from prominent companies or admission to pursue their higher studies in various universities

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