Al-Farabi University College launched its first classes in 2013 with seven solid academic departments (Civil Engineering, Architecture, Petroleum Engineering, Computer Engineering, Biology, Law and Media).In 2017, Al-Farabi had expanded to combine three more departments, Oil & Gas Refinery Engineering, Accounting & Banking Sciences, and the Nursing department.  The 2018-2019 academic year, witnessed the opening of more new departments, Dentistry, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Optics Techniques, and the Design department. Al-Farabi is looking forward to transforming soon into a university that will be a role model in the application of modern teaching and learning methods, distinguished scientific achievements and the providing the best academic community led by an elite of scientific competencies and administrative staff in various disciplines and with high expertise. The landscape of ​​the college is more than 20 acres, located in the Dora area, south of Baghdad. The college combines a huge library containing more than (20000) titles and publications in various scientific and humanitarian disciplines. The college is taking serious steps to develop, build capacities, and raise the administrative and academic level of its members within a non-stop scientific and humanitarian process towards national institutional accreditation and international recognition.


Al-Farabi University College have a competitive advantage locally and regionally in managing a system that has the ability to create and innovate in education, research and knowledge, and has a clear mark in the provided service to the society.


Al-Farabi Private University is an educational, research and service institution that embraces innovation and prepares graduates who have the knowledge and technical skills capable of competing in the labor market and serving society according to global developments.


Board Members

Dean’s Assistant for administrative affairs

Dean’s Assistant for Scientific Affairs

Head of Dentistry Department

Head of  Pharmacy Department

Head of Architectural Engineering Department

Head of  Civil Engineering Department

Head of Computer Engineering Department

Head of Petroleum Engineering

Head of Oil and Gas Refinery Engineering Department

Faculty Representative And Head of Biology Department

Council Coordinator

Head of Media Department

Head of Nursing Department

Head of Banking and Accounting Sciences Department

Head of Medical Laboratory Techniques Department

Head of Optics Techniques Department

Head of Design Department

Head of  Cyber Security Sciences Department

Mohammad Abdul Qader

Head of English Language Education  Department