Al-Farabi Organizes The Fifth International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering

With God’s help, the Fifth International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering was successfully held at Topkapi University of Turkey in Istanbul on 22-23 August 2022.
The main organizer of the event was our college (Al-Farabi University College) in cooperation with two Iraqi universities (University of Technology and Al-Nahrain University) and two foreign universities (University of Birmingham from the UK and Taras Zhivzhenko University of Ukraine).
The conference opened with a speech by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Topkapi University (Prof. Dr. Motin Zintul) as the university hosting the event
And then a speech by the President of the Conference and the representative of Al-Farabi University College (Dr. Omar Sabbar Daham) Where there were also welcoming words from the President of the University of Technology (Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghabban) from Iraq and representatives of the University of Birmingham, UK (Dr. Helen Onika and Dr. Taghi Merry) As well as the Dean of the Faculty of Electronic Physics at Taras Zhivzhenko University (Prof. Dr. Andrina Dripa) of Ukraine After the opening, the first keynote speaker for the conference (Dr. Haider Butt) from Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates, and after him the second keynote speaker (Prof. Riyad Al-Muhaidi) from Swinburne University in Australia
After the keynote speaker session ended, the 45 conference participants were divided into two rooms to present their research in person on the first day of the conference. As for the second day, on August 23, 2022, it was dedicated to the participants electronically, as the number of electronic participants reached 69 participants and it was successfully managed by session managers from Britain, Malaysia and Iraq, and there were two invited speakers from the Malaysian University of Perlis in two of the electronic sessions (Dr. Nick Norriman and Dr. Rosenza Hamza) The total number of conference participants (both in attendance and electronically) reached 114. It is worth mentioning that the participants in the conference were from different countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Jordan, Iran and the United Kingdom.
Cultural Relations Unit – Al-Farabi University College