A joint delegation from the New York Times and Radio Canada International visits Al-Farabi University College

A joint delegation from the New York Times and Radio Canada International visited Al-Farabi University College this morning, Wednesday, and conducted a series of press interviews with the college’s professors and researchers to benefit from their scientific products. Experienced Professor Dr. Bahjat Rashad, Head of the Architectural Engineering Department said, “The researchers in the aforementioned department had several studies and research on the climatic change taking place in Iraq’s airspace. About the accelerating rise in the population increase in all parts of Iraq and in Baghdad in particular, and its remarkable impact on changing the shape of the architecture of modern buildings.” Dr. Maryam Faisal, a teacher in the same department, added that she conducted research entitled (The effectiveness of urban green infrastructure in reducing surface urban heat island) dealt with the effects of climate on architecture and modern building engineering, as its research won the approval of the visiting delegation and elicited extensive discussions. On the sidelines of the visit, the aforementioned delegation held a meeting with the assistant teacher, Firas Ali, who presented a brief summary of his research with the aim of finding effective solutions to limit climate change in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The delegation concluded its visit with a meeting with one of the teachers of the media department at the college, in which he reviewed the beauty of the city of Baghdad, its picturesque urban and agricultural nature, and the moderation of its former atmosphere, as well as its review of some climatic changes. This visit comes within the college’s various programs and its keenness to open up to various sectors, with the aim of serving and promoting the community.