Call To Publish In The College’s Medical Journal

Dear respected researchers
This is an invitation from the editorial board of Al-Farabi Journal of Medical Sciences to receive research for publication in medical specialties for all professors and graduate students inside and outside Iraq.
Journal information:
Journal Name: Al-Farabi Journal of Medical Sciences
Publisher: Al-Farabi University College
ISSN: 2957-7675
Publication terms:
The submitted research must be within one of the following disciplines: medical, dental, pharmacology, nursing, anatomical pathology, microbiology, virology, biology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, cellular and cancer biology, molecular and physiology.
The research must be original and not published or sent to another publisher or journal.

After fulfilling the publishing conditions and following the journal form, the research is sent to the journal’s e-mail:
[email protected]
Publication fee:
For research that includes researchers from inside Iraq only, which are as follows:
Professor: 75,000 Iraqi dinars
Assistant Professor: 60 thousand Iraqi dinars
Lecturer: 50,000 Iraqi dinars
Assistant Lecturer: 45,000 Iraqi dinars
Publication fees are free for research that includes at least one researcher from outside Iraq

Instructions for formatting the journal or any other information, please visit the official website of the journal:

Journal of AL-Farabi for Medical Sciences (
Al-Farabi Journal of Medical Sciences Editorial Board