About Us

In line with the development of the college, the Quality Assurance & Accreditation Office (QAAO) was established in 2017 under the supervision of Dr. Khalidah Al-Qayim- PhD in Energy Engineering (University of Sheffield). The Quality Assurance office has the responsibility to support the achievement of the university’s strategic goals towards quality, excellence and continuous improvement locally and internationally. The office works closely with the academic departments and support units of the college in the conduct of regular quality assurance audit, assessment, evaluation and accreditation.


Our mission is to ensure the highest quality learning, teaching, curricula, research and administration in the college through the development, implementation and continuous improvement strategies of quality education. These serve the college’s vision of becoming a pre-eminent institution of higher education and research, and promoting the development of ethical, rounded and skilled graduates who contribute towards the development of the local and global community.


The work of QAAO aims to:

1. Increase quality awareness among the staff, and students via presentations, workshops, and group discussions

2. Develop and implement effective quality mechanisms to facilitate quality assurance;

3. Assign QA coordinators for all departments in the college, and ensure they obtain the required skills and knowledge concerning quality teaching;

4. Define the training requirement for faculty and staff, and find opportunities for improvement in their performance;

5. Communicate and implement plans to bring the college’s institutional effectiveness and policies into compliance with international standards.