The Library

The central library in the college seeks to provide knowledge and information to the beneficiaries of students and faculty members. It includes 650 textbooks, 2644 title as references, more than 44,000 electronic books and databases, and 79 journal titles. The library constitutes a cornerstone of the college’s pillars as it is imperative to the research and educational processes. Therefore, the college has given the library great attention for constant development, increasing its foreign and Arabic sources, and supplying the library with books and references at the request of the faculty members. Additionally, the library keeps electronic records of all the sources, and uses electronic system of lending and depositing, to serve the patrons who attend the library.


To provide a high quality library services in the fields of education and scientific research for students and faculty members, with modern electronic services and cooperation with national and international libraries.


The library aims to achieve the following goals:

1. Create an appropriate environment for students' learning.

2. Provide modern references for students and faculty members.

3. Provide latest literature in all fields of scientific research to faculty members and researchers.

4. Provide electronic textbooks.

5. Continuously update the references to be compatible with modern technological developments.

6. Open channels with national and international libraries for knowledge and experience exchange, and providing technical support.

7. Enriching the scientific research process at Al-Farbi University College.

Electronic library

The electronic library is the technical side of the general library and includes the following aspects:

1. Securing access to global electronic libraries, and Iraqi Virtual Scientific Library.

2. Providing electronic books for educational staff and students.

3. Securing the CD-DVD attached to the books in the library.

4. Providing scientific video records for students.