Announcement for researchers wishing to publish in Al-Farabi Journal of Engineering Sciences

Dear honorable researchers
The editorial board of Al-Farabi Journal of Engineering Sciences announces its readiness to receive academic research for publication in the next issue, within the engineering specializations for all professors and graduate students inside and outside Iraq.
Journal information:
Journal name: Al-Farabi Journal of Engineering Sciences
Publisher: Al-Farabi University College
Country: Iraq
Standard number: 26175517
Publication conditions:

  • The submitted research must be within one of the following specializations:
    Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering, Computer Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Chemical and Material Engineering, Refinery Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • The research must be original and not published or sent to another publisher or journal.
  • Special instructions for the magazine’s formal requirements are available in the link below.
    Guide for Authors | Journal of AL-Farabi for Engineering Sciences (
  • The researcher must send the research, after verifying the publishing conditions and following the journal’s format, to the journal’s e-mail address: [email protected]
    Publication fees:
    Publication fees are free for research that includes at least one researcher affiliated with a university outside Iraq.
  • As for research that includes researchers from inside Iraq only, the fees are as follows:
    Professor: 75,000 IQD
    Assistant Professor: 60,000 IQD
    Teacher: 50,000 thousand IQD
    Assistant teacher: 45,000 IQD
    For more information, please visit the magazine’s official website:
    Journal of AL-Farabi for Engineering Sciences (
  • Note: The next issue will be published within two months, so take advantage of the opportunity to publish during that period
    Editorial Board of Al-Farabi Journal of Engineering Sciences