Guide for Authors

  1. The journal receives manuscripts and studies that are within its specialization exclusively.
  2. The manuscript submitted for publication must be original and has not been published previously in a journal or other publication.
  3. The author shall grant exclusive rights to the journal including publication, paper and electronic distribution, storage and reuse of the manuscript.
  4. Manuscript must not exceed (10) pages.
  5. Manuscript should be sent to the journal via e-mail. ([email protected] )
  6. The published text is written in (Word, Latex, A4, and two columns), with a distance of (2) cm from all sides of the pages and written in (Times New Roman) font size (12).
  7. The abstract should be in English and does not exceed (300) words in font size (12).
  8. The first page of the manuscript should contain the following information:
  • The title of the manuscript.
  • Name of author / authors and affiliations.
  • Email of the corresponding author.
  • Abstract.
  • Key words.
  1. Write the article title centered in the middle of the page in Times New Roman font, and size 16 Bold.
  2. The name of the author / authors is placed in the middle of the page, under the heading and in Times New Roman font and size 12 Bold.
  3. The authors' affiliations are written in Times New Roman font and size 10 Bold.
  4. E-mail addresses are written in Times New Roman font and size 10 Bold.
  5. The manuscript abstract is written in Italic Times New Roman font and size 12 Bold.
  6. Key words that are no more than five words are written in Italic Times New Roman font and size 11.
  7. Affiliates are as follows: department, college, university, city, country, without abbreviations.
  8. Avoid abbreviations and citations when writing a manuscript abstract.
  9. The name of the author / authors should not be mentioned in the manuscript text at all.
  10. Write the title of each figure underneath it, and centered. And place the table title above, and centered with a size of 8 Bold.
  11. The drawings, images and charts shall be in the original program format as possible, colored (if needed), clear and with high-resolution, placed in a text box, and the reproduction shall not be used in graphic forms.
  12. References are cited in the manuscript text by numbering and according to precedence. And, they are listed at the end of the manuscript and are arranged according to the (IEEE), refer to the reference with a number in square brackets, e.g. [1],size (10), and place bracketed citation within the line of text, with a space before the first bracket.
  13. All studies that have been cited in the manuscript text, tables, images, etc. should be accurately documented in the list of references and vice versa.
  14. The author/authors shall make a statement as to whether the manuscript submitted for publication has been made in the presence of any personal, professional or financial relations which may be construed as a conflict of interest.