Publication Policy

  1. The manuscript submitted for publication shall be within the specialization of the journal and is committed to the methodology and ethics of scientific research and its internationally recognized methods.
  2. The manuscript should not have been previously published or submitted for publication to another journal. The author/authors shall sign a special undertaking.
  3. The author/authors assume full responsibility for the contents of the manuscript.
  4. All manuscripts submitted for publication is subject to scientific evaluation and peer review.
  5. All manuscripts submitted for publication shall be subject to electronic verification.
  6. The author/authors shall be informed of the decision to publish the manuscript or not to publish it within a period not exceeding six weeks from the date of receipt of the manuscript documents.
  7. The author/authors shall make the necessary amendments to his/their manuscript and return it to the journal within a period of one week from the date of receipt of the reviewers’ comments.
  8. The author who has his manuscript accepted for publication will obtain three copies in addition to a copy of the issue in which the manuscript is published. The author may purchase additional copies of the published paper.
  9. Transferring the copyrights, distribution of print and electronic publishing of the manuscripts to the journal and in accordance with the form of a pledge signed by the author.
  10. All manuscripts published in the Journal shall be owned by the journal. No other party shall have the right to republish, or translate the manuscript without the written consent of the Editor-in-Chief or whoever authorizes it.
  11. The author must clearly disclose in a separate paragraph in the manuscript, financial support or any other support provided to him to complete the research.
  12. The researcher must inform the editor when he finds that there is a large error in the manuscript or inaccuracy of the information and contribute to correcting the error.