Holding A Free Pathological Analysis Principles Course On Campus

The Galen Medical Foundation announces, in cooperation with Al-Farabi University College / Department of Life Sciences
About holding a free pathological analysis principles course on campus
On Saturday 7/1 at 10:00
In Babylon hall the theoretical side
And the practical side in the laboratories of the Department of Life Sciences
The session includes.
Theoretical side includes.
1-Draw venous, arterial and capillary blood
According to the global procedure in accordance with the conditions of (ISO) and the most important risks associated with the withdrawal process.
2-The types of pipes and the characteristics of each type.
3-Separation of samples and the difference between serum and plasma
The practical side
It includes receiving the patient, confirming the identity, inquiring about the medical history, and ensuring the quality of the required examinations.
Hematology tests
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Department of Clinical Chemistry
The analysis of glucose
2-Analysis of thyroid hormones