The publication a book by Dr. Saeb Salih Ibrahim Al-Rubaie

Issued by Dar Al-Hussami in Beirut/Lebanon, the new author (Al-Wajeez of Explaining the So-called Contracts – The Contract of Sponsorship), by Dr. Saeb Saleh Ibrahim Al-Rubaie, based on a series of books related to the so-called contracts of practical importance in the lives of individuals. The author included a historical overview of the emergence of The surety contract as a type of private insurance. The author included three main chapters, the first chapter was devoted to explaining the nature, sources and conditions of the guarantee, while the second chapter was devoted to clarifying the elements upon which the guarantee was built and considering it a contract of personal consideration, while the third section included a statement of the most important effects of the contract of the guarantee and the reasons for its termination. The author ended his book with a brief conclusion of what was included in his book.