Al – Farabi Ranks 13th in The AD Rankings for Scientist

Al-Farabi University College ranked fifty-ninth (59) among (111) Iraqi universities and institutions included in the AD international classification of researchers in the world for the year 2023, and thirteenth (13) among Iraqi private colleges.
Note that this classification depends on the number of citations obtained by research published under the name of the university or college and on the value of the h-index and the value of the i10-index for researchers working in the college.
Ten (10) professors of Al-Farabi University College were included in this classification among the best 3000 scientific researchers in Iraq in terms of citations for their research and their h-index sequence.
As ((Prof. Dr. Hilal Adnan Fadel)) in the Department of Computer Engineering won 132nd place over Iraq and is among the first 100 researchers in terms of i10-index, and among the first 100 researchers in terms of the number of citations.
Quality Assurance and Reliability Unit – Al-Farabi University.