Al-Farabi University College obtains membership in the International Federation of Universities (IUU)

Academic statement
In its race towards obtaining international accreditation and with the support of the founding body of the college, Al-Farabi University College obtained membership in the International Federation of Universities … Headquarters Turkey – Istanbul, an international association licensed No. 104-248-34 from UNESCO whose subject is research in higher education issues in the world, and framework technicians Cooperation between Arab and international universities, and management of educational and university institutions at all levels and at different branches and stages at all levels to provide and disseminate culture and education, especially higher education, communication with colleges and university institutes, studies and research centers, consultancy, translation and languages, and the establishment of scientific journals subject to academic standards and the activities and services that branch from them University, training, educational and marketing for the dissemination of science and knowledge, in addition to organizing conferences, symposia, scientific and educational lectures, and holding exhibitions for universities, all inside and outside Turkey.
The Federation includes a large group of reputable universities from 12 Arab and international countries and more than 100 universities
Congratulations to all faculty members and all students who continue to study and graduates
Deanship of Al-Farabi University College