Holding a workshop entitled “Cybersecurity and network security”

Al-Farabi University College/Department of Cybersecurity Sciences, under the supervision of the Continuing Education Unit and in cooperation with the University of Baghdad/College of Science, held a scientific workshop entitled Cybersecurity and network security
The workshop, which was held on Saturday, May 4, 2024, included from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon in Nineveh Hall, and was attended by a large number of researchers, teachers, and students interested in the field of cybersecurity and network security. It was moderated by Professor Ali Habib, Head of the Department. Cybersecurity sciences at Al-Farabi University College have two main axes. The first includes a review of the correct rules and foundations for the components of cybersecurity, where Assist. Lect. Louay Falih, a lecturer in the Department of Cybersecurity Sciences, stressed the importance of consolidating the principles of cybersecurity sciences in designing, implementing, and building safe and reliable computer networks. The second axis included a review of the security foundations of computer networks and the Internet, where Prof. Imad Jassim, a lecturer at the College of Science, University of Baghdad, touched on the successful elements for building secure computer networks, focusing on knowing the most important weak points prevailing in the design of computer systems and Internet networks and what malicious programs they use. Hackers to carry out the process of penetrating and disabling networks. The workshop also included some practical programs that explained how to protect computer networks from penetration and what are the safe methods that can be applied to repel hackers’ attacks.
The workshop also included a practical aspect, where Assist. Lect. Ali Khaled from the University of Baghdad, College of Science, presented a practical program on how to apply the foundations of protection, hacking rules at the conclusion of the workshop, certificates of appreciation were distributed to the participants.