Professor Dr. Ahmed Kilan Abdullah, Dean of the College, participation in chairing the master’s thesis discussion committee

Within the framework of the local scientific activities of Al-Farabi University College and cooperation between Iraqi universities, Professor Dr. Ahmed Gailan Abdullah, Dean of the College, participated in chairing the committee to discuss the master’s thesis (specialization in criminal law) at the College of Law, Al-Nahrain University, this day, 9-17-2023, tagged (Suspension in the Laws of Procedure Criminal) for the student (Amira Abdul-Jabbar Ali) On this occasion, and for motivational reasons, we invite the students of Al-Farabi College, who graduated from the Law Department, to take advantage of the opportunity to apply for postgraduate studies in various universities and in various specializations of law (public, private, criminal, and international), noting that the bachelor’s degree granted by Al-Farabi College is recognized at the level of Iraqi government universities and Arab universities. And international. Studies show that the motives for enrolling in graduate programs at universities were arranged in descending order: reasons, ambitions, and academic motives, followed by reasons related to achieving career development, then material motives, and finally the influence of social outlook.
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