Holding A Symposium Entitled “Facts and lies propaganda methods and counter-propaganda”

The Department of Media at Al-Farabi University College held a scientific symposium on Sunday on the facts and lies of propaganda and counter-propaganda methods, in which the military expert, Lieutenant General Muhammad Al-Askari / Ministry of Defense, was hosted. The symposium was moderated by the Head of the Media Department, Prof. Dr. Abdelnabi Khazal, and the Dean of Al-Farabi College, Prof. Ahmed Gailan, and the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Mashali, attended the symposium. The lecturers and students of the Media Department attended, and the symposium witnessed dialogues and discussions. Khazal pointed out the importance of dealing with media and propaganda topics to educate the public in the security field, stressing that the department will continue to hold seminars and scientific workshops to raise the scientific level of the department.