Iraq’s National Day

Al-Farabi University College congratulates everyone on the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Iraq, and we convey the rare documents presented by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the archives of the League of Nations in Geneva, on this historic day.
On October 3, 1932, the General Assembly of the League of Nations agreed to accept Iraq as a member of the League of Nations based on the application for accession submitted by the Iraqi Kingdom at the time, signed by former Prime Minister Nuri Pasha Al-Saeed, on July 12, 1932, making Iraq the first Arab country to join this organization. international at that time.
The documents of the General Assembly of the League of Nations indicate that the acceptance of Iraq’s accession to it came after Iraq had acquired the elements of a state, which are represented by international recognition, and the existence of an independent government capable of running the affairs of the state and managing it in an orderly manner, preserving its unity and independence, and maintaining security throughout. Its government expenditures, laws and judicial organization, fixed borders, and Iraq’s pledge to respect its international obligations.
And that Iraq was the first country to join the League of Nations under Article 22 of the League of Nations era regarding mandate and mandate, after it became eligible to leave the state of the British Mandate in which it was placed after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.
May God protect Iraq and its people