Opportunity to train students within the “Tatbeeq” program

Proceeding from our scientific responsibility, and to support our dear students, and to keep pace with the labor market, the Deanship of Al-Farabi University College sought to enhance the horizon of cooperation with the Department of Scientific Welfare in the (Ministry of Youth and Sports) to give the opportunity to train our students within the “Tatbeeq” program, which includes scientific trips and training graduates to gain experience in the field Their scientific specialization is during the summer vacation and includes the following departments (Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Banking and Accounting Sciences, Law and Media) to register through the scientific departments, the training date will be at the beginning of the eighth month within the approved summer training program in our college, knowing that the courses are governmental and free and meet the requirements Graduation of the mandatory summer internship.
For inquiries, contact Professor Mustafa Al-Karkhi, Student Activities Unit, 07716836770