Follow up on the assessment exams

Follow -up of Mr. Dean of Al -Farabi College of the University and the Ministerial Committee supervising the assessment exams for this day, 6/1922/13/1322 at Al -Farabi University College.
Examinations statistics on Monday 13-6-2022:
1. Number of exams (25 exams), including two evaluation exams for the nursing department, a third stage-child health nursing material, and the mother and newborn nursing substance.
2. (17 exams) in a person.
3. (8 exams) electronically.
4. The number of departments participating in the exams (12 departments)
5. Number of classrooms (39 classrooms).
6. The number of students participating in the exams (2050 students)
   1018 in person.
   1032 electronically.