Prototyping of Multi-Factors Based Vehicle Accident Detection and Reporting System Relying on GPS and GS


  • Omar Al-Mukhtar Tawfeeq Department of Communication Engineering AlMamoon University College, Iraq
  • Mohanad Ghazi Khamees 2 Department of Computer Engineering AlFarabi University College, Iraq
  • Wasan Sameer Rasheed Department of Communication Engineering AlMamoon University College, Iraq



GPS, GSM, GPRS, Car accident, MPU IMU 6050


Several car accidents are reported everyday worldwide, and many fatalities and injuries
occur that can be predicted and prevented. This paper does not focus on those accidents that get
reported, but instead it focuses on the accidents that do not get reported and result in major injuries
and fatalities that can be avoided by simple notification that can be sent to the right people at the right
time, so that help can be sent even if the people in need of it are not capable of requesting it. The
proposed system can be considered as a tool for the safety of the car passengers in addition to the
already existing seat belts. The optimum speed of arrival of the help is achieved in this work by
implementing GPS such that a website link that contains the exact location of the accident is sent in
order to find the location of the accident instantly without having the people involved in the accident
to have to report their location. This paper aims mainly to design a system that can detect one of three
cases, the first one is when there is an accident and the air bags do not deploy, while the second case
is when there is an accident, and the air bags are deployed, and the third case is an SOS message in
case there was a need for it. Of course, there might happen a small accident that does not require the
system to send a notification, so there is a switch that can be pushed in order to prevent the system
from sending faulty alarms.


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