Effect of combination of Bromelain and Quercetin extracted from pineapples and fenugreek in mice induced arthritis


  • Noor A. M. Ajeel Department of Biology, Al-Farabi university college, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Anwar M. Lazm Department of Nursing, Al-Farabi university college, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Haneen M. Hameed Department of Biology, Al-Farabi university college, Baghdad, Iraq




Bromelain(bro), Quercetin (quer), Arthritis


This study revealed that bromelain  from  pineapple and quercetin from fenugreek mixture were active in reducing the effect of arthritis the body diameter measurements  within day 4 until the day 10 of peak of induction of arthritis  reached the maximum  at 5.8 for CRP (mm/hr) ESR (mg/Dl) and reduced it  to nearly  the normal value 4.3 for CRP and  1.9 for ESR at day 30  with concentration  350 mg/kg of (bro, quer) and within day 4 until the day 10 of peak of induction of arthritis  reached the maximum  at 2.8 mm of paw volume and reduced it  to nearly  the normal value 2.9 for  300 mg/kg  of (bro, quer) and  2.6 for 350 mg/kg (bro, quer) at  day 30  with concentration  350 mg/kg , While within day 0 until the day 10 of peak of induction of arthritis  reached the maximum  at  83 ng/dl for  IgG2 and  70 ng/dl for  IgG1  and  40 IgG reduced it  to nearly  the normal value  68 ng/dl  of IgG2 for  350 mg/kg  of (bro, quer) and  57ng/dl of IgG1  and 39 ng/dl of IgG for 350 mg/kg (bro, quer) at  day 30  with concentration  350 mg/kg  .Also within day 0 until the day 10 of peak of induction of arthritis  reached  the lowest body weight  at 18 mg of paw volume and increasing it  to nearly  the normal weight 19mg for  300 mg/kg  of (bro,quer) and  21 mg for 350 mg/kg (bro, quer) at  day 30  with concentration.


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