Guide for Reviewers

The main task of the scientific reviewer for the sent manuscripts is to kindly read the manuscript within his specialization carefully and evaluate it according to academic scientific perspectives, not subject to any personal opinions, and then confirm his constructive and honest observations about the manuscript sent to him. Before starting with evaluation process, the reviewer is asked to make sure that the manuscript is within his specialization or not. If so, he/she should declare that they have enough time to complete the process, noting that the evaluation process should not take more than (10) days.

 After the reviewer accepts to review the manuscript and complete it within the specified period, he should carry out the evaluation process according to:

  1. Is the manuscript exceptional and important to the level that must be published in the journal?
  2. Whether the manuscript is consistent with the general policy of the journal and the publishing rules therein.
  3. Is the ​​manuscript concept discussed in previous studies? If yes, are those studies indicated in the literature review?
  4. Is the title relevant to the manuscript itself and its content?
  5. Indicate whether the abstract of the manuscript clearly describes the content and thought of the manuscript.
  6. Does the introduction in the manuscript describe what the author wants to reach and clarify in detail, and whether the author explained what the problem he studied?
  7. Discussing the author's findings in a scientific and convincing manner.
  8. The evaluation process must be conducted in a confidential manner and the author is not aware of any aspect thereof.
  9. If the reviewer wishes to discuss the manuscript with another reviewer, the editor shall be notified accordingly.
  10. There should be no direct communication and discussion between the reviewer and the author in relation to his submitted manuscript, and the reviewer comments should be sent to the author through the editor of the journal.
  11. If the reviewer believes that the manuscript or part of it is copied from previous studies, the reviewer must disclose these studies to the editor of the journal.
  12. The decision of accepting the published manuscript will depend mainly on the reviewer notes and recommendations, also it is kindly requested from the reviewer to refer specifically to the paragraphs that need a simple modification by the editorial board and to those that need to be substantially modified by the author himself.