Dean's Speech

Based on the latest National University Ranking in which Al-Farabi University College has achieved a high rank among the private institutions in Iraq, and to continue the achievements in its educational career throughout the past years, a new strategy has been set for the development of Al-Farabi during the years 2021-2026. This strategy is in accordance with our vision for Al-Farabi and based on the analysis of the surrounding circumstances, which will define clear paths for it to enable it to excel in its performance. The vision, mission, and core values of Al-Farabi have become the governing body and the motivation for all faculty members in implementing the new strategy. Our strategic objectives are to provide the best educational level for our students and create a scientific and research environment compatible with the developments in the context of global higher education sector. The educational programs offered by Al-Farabi have gained the teaching expertise and competencies with a high reputation in the scientific community. In addition to that, the college intends to transform into a digital university in accordance with the requirements of modern teaching and learning systems, increasing the demand for its graduates a in various fields of the labor market. There are many challenges facing us in the path to our goals, mainly, the accomplishment of a high-standard scientific research and the availability of financial resources, that holds the leadership of the college and its affiliates a great responsibility to translate its vision, mission and goals into a tangible reality in which Al-Farabi’s students and affiliates are proud of. God bless you all.