Holding a workshop entitled “Applying Program Accreditation Standards to Obtain Accreditation”

The Department of Accounting and Banking Sciences, in cooperation with the Continuing Education Unit at Al-Farabi University and in cooperation with Al-Nahrain University – College of Business Economics, conducted a workshop entitled:(Application of program accreditation standards to obtain accreditation)Delivered by:Assistant Professor (Loay Nasser Jabr) (Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs)Within the framework of the twinning agreement […]

Holding a workshop for introducing the “Rehabilitation, employment and follow-up unit”

The Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Unit at Al-Farabi University organized an introductory workshop on (the Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Unit) for students of the fourth stage / Design Department, on Sunday 4/14/2024. Delivered by Prof. Karim Abd Sajer / Head of unit, the workshop aimed to introduce the mission and tasks of the Qualification, Employment […]

Visiting the Zohour Al-Alawiya Orphanage

A group of fourth-year students from the Department of Pharmacy/Al-Farabi University, under the supervision of Dr Maryam Hamid Khalil, visited the Al-Zohour Al-Alawiya Orphanage to see their situation and donated clothes, electrical items, and food supplies.

Holding a trial exam for the students of the medical lab techniques department

A trial exam was held for students of the Department of Medical Laboratory techniques for its three stages, with 89 students for the second stage, 77 students for the third stage, and 363 students for the fourth stage, with one subject for each stage. The experiment was successful, as some errors were identified. We will […]

Al-Farabi University wins first place in the major competition

The Al-Farabi University team won first place in the Grand Challenge (virtual) competition supervised by the Student Activities Department at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.The competition included five axes (the axis of serving the environment, the axis of dialogue for peace, the axis of heritage and history, the axis of sustainable development, […]

Visit the Baghdad Court of Appeal

The students of the Law Department visited the Presidency of the Baghdad Court of Appeal and were briefed on aspects of the ongoing proceedings and met with a number of judges who explained to them the tasks and responsibilities of the judiciary. The judges appreciated the initiative of Al-Farabi College in organizing this visit due […]