Data Structures uses "objects" and their interactions to design applications and computer programs. From this module, our study will be in the art of the object-oriented programming using C++ Programming Language.

Explain the operation of a Programmable Logic Array (PLA) and Programmable Array Logic (PAL), Explain the operation of a complex programmable logic device (CPLD) and a field-programmable gate array (FPGA), Hardware description, simulation, and synthesis using the VHDL language and Design combinational, sequential logic circuits and State Machine by using VHDL language. 

This course covers the various circuits of transistors and IC’s, where the analyses ( DC + AC ) is required to have a better understanding of the performance of any electronic circuit. Few various topics (such as nano-technology) are covered as well to imply that the knowledge of this field is not limited.

Multivariable functions and partial derivatives, Infinite series, Differential Equations, Multiple Integrals, Integration in vector field,  Laplace Transform, Fourier Transform, The z-Transform.

This course describes the microprocessors, how they work, how they program and their importance in building embedded systems. The course also describes how to use these microprocessors to implement computers that are used widely now a day.