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Editor-in-Chief of Al-Dustour Newspaper in Al-Farabi's hospitality


Editor-in-Chief of Al-Dustour Newspaper in Al-Farabi's hospitality

The media department at Al-Farabi College hosted the editor of Al-Dustour newspaper, Basim Al Shaek on Saturday, 25/11/2017, in a lecture entitled "The Independent Press Experience in Iraq and how to resist the paper press for the new media".

Al-Sheikh talked for two hours of his self-media career and how Al-Dustour newspaper emerged and the factors of its steadfastness and persistence despite the passage of 14 years it faced difficult obstacles related to the political, financial and security aspects.

The editor-in-chief of the Al-Dustor the importance of renewing paper newspapers and topics to keep abreast of the media developments taking place in various media. He called on students to be at the top of the commitment and responsibility to rise up in the media and be able to show their names on the field of creativity in any way read.

And students react well with Al-Sheikh in the questions and discussions that talked about the future of the press and ways of success and what the journalist can do in his duties to the public and society.

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