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Opening of the "SPE" Society of Petroleum Engineers


Opening of the "SPE" Society of Petroleum Engineers

   In order to strengthen  the relationship between the teaching ‎staff of the Department of Petroleum Engineering and our dear ‎students and the world, which opens up good prospects, especially for our students ‎to communicate with the scientific societies of the world's ‎specialized, the Deanship of Faculty of Al-Farabi University held a ‎ceremony to open the branch   "The Society of Petroleum ‎Engineers in the Faculty of Al-Farabi in the presence of ‎distinguished specialists in the oil and gas and extractive ‎industries of the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Higher ‎Education and Scientific Research, the ceremony appeared ‎reciting the verses of the Quran  recited by reading the Surat Al-‎Fatihah to the martyrs of the homeland of the armed forces and ‎Federal Police and al hashid  al shaby who sacrificed themselves to free  the land ‎of Mesopotamia from  the onslaught of ‎terrorism and atonement. The Dean of the College delivered a ‎speech on the occasion, in which he welcomed the distinguished ‎guests and emphasized the college's determination to open up to ‎the community and the external environment in order to enhance ‎its position and raise the level of its teaching staff, which will be ‎reflected positively on the level of its outputs from our dear ‎students. The Dean of the College outlined the history of the ‎College and its existing sections and the development plans, ‎including the Department of Oil Refining Engineering for the ‎academic year 2017/2018. Dr. Karim Abdul-Hussein, Head of the ‎Baghdad Branch of the Society of Petroleum Engineers delivered a speech on this occasion, praising ‎the College's role and its promising role in supplying the oil sector ‎with engineering works that contribute to development the oil sector in our dear country. Dr. Shamil Ibrahim Al-‎Bassam, supervisor of the SPE-ALFARABISTUDEN ADVISOR ‎branch, also addressed this issue. The ceremony also included ‎the presentation of two lectures, the first by Dr. Abdul Ali Al-‎Dabbaj, entitled "Development of the Oil Industry in Iraq" and ‎the second by Dr. Ahmed Askar entitled "The Use of Geophysical ‎Methods for Exploration and Extraction from Oil Earth. Since its ‎foundation, Al Farabi College has adopted the principle of pairing ‎the college with the field of work that has created a engineering ‎team who are capable of taking responsibility for the advancement of ‎national industry.

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