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Department of Civil Engineering


Civil engineering department aims to achieve excellence and uniqueness in the civil engineering field, education and research. The department seeks to be more contributed in preparing civil engineers to meet the requirements of labor market by developing self-abilities and provide a suitable environment for teaching and learning depending on high performance and quality principle.


Provide systemic education according to education and applied academic standards and prepare qualified graduates in practicing profession through bachelor program which includes providing necessary skills for high-school by using all educational resources available and employ them actively in the field of civil engineering. The department also prepares studies and applied researches. The department is presenting engineering consultancy and is interested to provide services to community through training courses and seminars by following modern methods.


The Dept. seeks to prepare successful staff in the field of civil engineering of good scientific level to rise with the country and have full readiness to provide consultation and engineering designs for all civil projects. Some of the department's objectives are;

        Prepare qualified civil engineers to do planning, designing, implementing, operating and maintain infrastructure element by providing education program supported by sophisticated scientific Labs and workshops.

        Provide students with basic scientific and engineering knowledge and develop skills in planning, designing and implementation of using computers and specialized software.

        Prepare staff in civil engineering has knowledge of engineering expertise and access to scientific developments in the specialty and capacity to innovation.

        Prepare elite of civil engineers with ability to research and develop who can access to higher education in future.

        Contribute in developing of engineering techniques by conducting basic and applied research related with the country.

        Provide technical advice to solve problems that experience various engineering sectors and provide consulting and engineering experiences by participating in advisory bureaus project and engineering consulting to meet the requirements of community and participating in the process of developing the country.

        Prepare qualified civil engineering staff with qualification that enable them to be leaders in labor market to serve development by contributing in implementing projects in order to open new horizons in scientific researches and development for future.

        Instill professional ethics in the heart of the graduates to avoid corruption that do not suit professional ethics.


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