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Department of Architecture Engineering


The department of architecture is one on the distinctive department Its program aims to develop students understanding to interact between environment and human heredity factors, and link it with design process. Therefore, the program will give students the a delicate sense for local and global engineering architecture, especially for civil planning and design.

It will also enhance social and environmental awareness for the side of using natural resources to maintain the Graduates gain knowledge and experience and design capabilities in the following area;

        Architectural design.


        Management and Architecture Engineering.

        Environmental control system.

The student will enjoy comprehensive knowledge on global and architecture in addition to civil planning and design.


Architecture Dept. of FUC seeks to qualify specialized engineers to meet the growing needs of the labor market through the implementation of educational curricula and training programs, using scientific distinctive educational techniques and staff of efficiency .The department is also keep to do scientific practical and applicable researches to serve environment and community.


The objectives of the Dept. emerge from the general goals of the collage and represented in the following;

        Prepare scientifically qualified graduates who are able to contribute in serving community in the field of architectural schematic.

        Stand for solving the problems that community suffers in the fields of architecture, planning, and housing by making appropriate researches and scientific studies.

        Participate in scientific symposia and conferences specialized in architecture at the local and international level to upgrade the level of workers.

        Establish mutual relations with other architectural department and associations.

        Provide technical and practical consultancy sectors; private and government.

        Participate in development process of community by providing specialized opportunities of rehabilitation.

        Participate in preservation of historic cities and architecture.

        Participate in development and sustainability of local building materials. Keep up with the last developments, in modern architecture, through the presentation and interpretation of architecture and engineering data.


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