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Department of Petroleum


Prepare qualified generation of high skills of petroleum engineers, able to act in all oil and gas industry facilities; public & private companies, to keep up with the rapid global progress taken place in this vital area. The Dept prepares researches and applied studies in all industrial areas; oil and gas.



Prepare and qualify new generation of petroleum engineers, distinctive and specialized in practicing profession to meet the increasing needs of labor market by the implementation of educational curricula, and training and distinctive scientific progress, using educational curricula, techniques in accordance to the academic adopted standards and teaching staff of high efficiency, making studies and applied researches, provide engineering consultancy in all area of the oil and gas industry.



        Prepare engineering with high technical level to act in the field of drilling and production of oil and natural gas.

        Cooperate with counterpart department of the Ministry of Higher Education& scientific Research to develop scientific curricula and benefit from discreet international universities in this area.

        Develop laboratories and teaching education units in order to approach theoretical and engineering information to practical reality.

        Cooperate with international local companies in the field of training students to make them qualified to act in oil field environment.

        Build close relations with oil companies of public and private sector in the field of development to qualify the engineers and technical staff.

        Prepare requirements of research and development in the field of oil industry to keep up with global developments by providing scientific and research laboratories.

        Provide information database about Iraqi oil and gas field’s properties of crude oil and gas, natural gas in order to get advantage of them.

        Make conferences, symposiums, and seminars by cooperating with the counterparts departments of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and oil companies departments the Ministry of Oil, foreign companies, and participate in international conferences and seminars in this area.

        Prepare training courses within contentious education in various areas of oil industry, which aim to qualify and develop engineering and technical personnel.


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