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FUC offers study programs and high-quality educational services. FUC graduates are highly demanded on both local and international environment. The college seeks to prepare a new generation of graduates, able to meet the existing needs of in community and, to contribute in economic, social and technical development of the country. The FUC supports scientific production and all means of education and methods. The college set-out with clear vision and paces towards the future that its basic features depicted in availability of science disciplines and modern technology that keep-up with the evolution of the economic and social community, and looks forward to meet labor market needs by relying on the latest scientific curriculum and educational program to grant its students and graduates keys to the doors of success for the future of their careers and professional life.


The college takes the responsibility of fulfilling the task of qualifying a distinguished graduate of applied and a capacity of both academic and applied sides to enrich the public and private sectors with expertise and energies and to contribute to both sectors with technical energy enjoy distinctive efficiency.


        Abide by the quality standards in higher education and act to achieve academic accreditation.

        Pair education with application in various programs of the college to create a distinguished intellectual and practical graduate able to meet the existed actual needs in community and to develop spiritual leadership and confidence in college graduates.

        Supply labor market with specialized and qualified scientific staffs that contribute in implementing revival plans, scientific, technical and cultural development.

        Contribute with the state education institutions in achieving higher education and scientific research strategy in Iraq, and providing study opportunities for all students having high school certificate.

        Provide services of rehabilitation, training, continuous education, studies, and technical consulting to public and private institution.

        Establish scientific laboratories that make scientific, and aimed applied research, and encourage researchers to participate with the students in research environment.

        Develop accredited educational programs and keep-up with developments occurred in curriculum and benefit from international experience in counterpart disciplines in away that suits the requirements of the labor market.

        Contribute in supporting scientific production and means of education methods, and encourage scientific and technical literature.

        Place the student in integrated environment which allows him to own a balanced, scientific, social, and psychological personal.

        Develop communication skills of the student to be able to communicate with others and to assimilate their point of view, and have a positive interaction with them.

        Activate the academic guidelines and directions to achieve student benefit best scientific levels possible.

        Establish cultural and scientific memorandums of understanding  with local, arabic and foreign universities to help exchange of experience and contribute research collabration and joint studies.


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