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The vision of Media Dept. of FUC comes from its belief that media is a powerful message in building personality and self-expression. Hence, the overall vision came to be active in graduating students with scientific professional efficiency to keep up with the rapid media developments and, to be one of the main sources that provide government and media institutions with graduates who are able to practice media professionally and objectively.


The media , that department seeks for , is to be in harmony with ambition in establishing human values in common life and , root goodness , justice and equality concepts to confront hatred and intolerance The department emphases on standards and ethics of media and respect international charters and all that related with profession objectively and credibly based on this concept, the department seeks to prepare distinctive staffs in different fields of media who able to deal with media and communication technology through educational and training environment able to hone student's talents and to prepare them. In addition to the serious scientific researches prepared by the department's professors moreover provide a scientific advice and to organize qualifying courses in the field of press, radio, TV and PR.



        Enhance student’s abilities of all kinds of media writing.

        Develop student’s personal capacity and skills.

        Contribute to develop practice that related with media.

        Qualify the perform students to make researches and media studies.

        Keep up with technical developments that related with reading and audio –visual media production system.

        Provide counseling and the perform scientific studies that contribute to media developing.

        Provide the governmental and media institutions with qualified, professional, and intellectual staff in the field of media.

        Enhance the communication of media universities and colleges in the world.



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