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Department of Law


Department of law is one of the scientific, discreet and distinctive among counterpart colleges of law in the country through its legal and academic activities, complied by regulated laws and legal instructions which govern this activity which reflected positively on the graduate of the department.


        Spread legal awareness in the community through conference seminars and lectures related with valid laws and propose legislative ideas in accordance to the prevailed laws to serve building Iraqi and strengthen its position.

        Take the initiative to lecture high school students to explain some laws and regulations which one of importance for them and for the society in general like environmental traffic, etc.

        Establish legal library includes many legal literatures and transactions so that the college students and other researches benefit form.

        Issue a quarterly journal which includes legislative researches prepared by the professors of the department in various branches of law.


        Department of law aims to prepare graduates qualified for public administrative and legal jobs in all governmental and private sectors.

        Prepare graduates to practice law efficiently and to take over judiciary duties.

         To cooperate with various Iraqi courts to give the students the chance to attend training in judiciary.

        Commit by the curriculum in counterpart colleges and develop it whenever need arises.

        Graduate qualified legal generation to act in all state institutions; legislative, judicial and, executive.


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