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Department of Biology


Establish a base of scientific staff where capabilities of creativity are available, and mentality transcends to accommodate biology by preparing qualified graduates to act in biological area. The department aims to spread awareness and knowledge in biology areas, deals with changes and new developments that taken place in the world, contributes in development of scientific and health, industrial and environmental institutions and, finds solutions for problems that hinder progress.



Prepare highly efficient graduates to qualify them to act in different fields of biology and to be able to meet the needs of labor market by providing teaching staff of high level depending on implementing academic scientific, theoretical sober programs and commit by quality and academic accreditation standards programs.


        Keep up with global developments in all scientific areas. Provide community, labor market and, state institutions with scientific and technical expertise. Contribute in the development of scientific, healthy, industrial and, environmental institutions.

        Prepare a high quality staffs in biology, eligible to compete in labor market, whether in research laboratories or various pathological analyzes.

        Rise level of performance and goodness to reach rank of the developed international universities in both; theoretical and practical, by depending on modern technologies in practical laboratories.

        Cooperate with the various government institutions to rise health, environment, and industry and agriculture situation by providing scientific expertise and research results, thesis of high studies to transfer it to the ground.

        Seek to upgrade community by expanding the general prospects related with biology in order to solve a lot of healthy, environmental and industrial problems.

        Support cultural, social, sports and artistic activities of the students. Train students in scientific institutions; healthy, industrial and, environmental during summer holiday.

        Make memorandums of understanding (MOU) with the counterparts sections inside and outside the country for knowledge, cultural and scientific exchange and training.

        Cooperate with the counterparts sections in Iraqi universities to ensure exchange of expertise in field of curriculum and make joint of researchers and studies. Moreover, support community activities through seminars, conferences, and scientific and practical courses in various fields of biology.

To establish a graduate; master and doctoral by exploiting the availability of teaching staffs of high scientific level.


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