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Department of Computer Engineering


The department seeks to communicate with modern and scientific developments in the field of computers and software engineering, which leads to develop curriculum continuously, and upgrade the level of teaching and technical staff by establishing workshops and training within and outside the country with evolution in Services & Scientific Consultation Office in college to acquire academic and practical experience to provide various services to various state institutions and private sector.


The department provides students with educational programs in disciplines of computer engineering, characterized by stimulating scientific potential of the student to link between theoretical basis and scientific practical side of the programs, which entitle them to acquire the necessary and required skills for labor market according to the international recognized standards. The department is committed to provide academic expertise in the field of computer engineering and the provision of services to the community directly through consulting, research or, preparing highly experienced graduates able to ongoing giving.


        Prepare engineers in discipline of computer engineering with high quality of educational programs and qualify them to be active in community.

        Make researches and studies of valuable scientific value, which applicable in discipline of computer engineering.

        Develop the discipline in the department and introduce new discipline by linking learning outcome of the department with development of community requirements.

        Participate in local, international sessions, and scientific conferences in discipline of computer engineering to enhance efficiency of the staff adequacy.

        Provide technical and scientific advice for all community, government and, private sector.

        Establish a fruitful scientific relations with other engineering Departments in other universities; local and universal.

        Instill distinct of morality of community to lead the student to hold responsibility towards his community, and to perform scientific honesty in transforming of what he or she received at the college to various sector of community stems from the position of responsibility that will assign to him or her in the future.

        Awareness and understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and preempt tasks, duties and, services that must be provided to community.

        Value the effect of engineering solutions on community and the wide world and the need for continuous learning and personal and professional growth and act to achieve them.

        Understand modern engineering issues by using techniques, skills, and modern engineering equipment’s needed to provide his job.

        Commit to apply the highest standards of excellence in higher education and to promote the activities of collective nature of learning environment which the student is a central focus.

        Finally, to commit to achieve applied researches and provide required technical service.


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